September 19, 2015


The Xperts of Iceland have specialised in import and export matters.  Our service is appreciated by both corporate and private clients.

If you are moving to or from Iceland there are several things to keep in mind. With the proper consulting everything becomes easier. Most of the mistakes made in this area can be related to the first steps taken. Trying to solve import and export issues alone and by yourself can complicate the procedures. With the Xperts on your side, we make sure everything run smooth.

We have imported dozens of vehicles and other goods to and from Iceland. At the same time we have mastered complex oversea relocations (emigrate).


“If we could just turn back time”

Very often we get clients that have already moved to Iceland.  All of a sudden they realize that even though Iceland gives the impression of being wild & free it’s not.  Iceland is a wonderful place to stay. Clean air, the best water in the world and men do not get older in the world then here in Iceland (Woman in China).

The most common mistakes are:

  • Forgot to get all the papers you need in your own country
  • Did not check import regulations
  • Did not act within a certain time limit to import belongings
  • Did not check the expensive import regulations for importing vehicles
  • Did not look for a lasting Job
  • Had a business idea but did not check regulations

The Icelandic Experts help you

A careful planning is of course the best way to do it but if you are stuck in the middle of moving to Iceland we can help you

Please contact us sooner rather then later.

Some tipps:

Home inventory, which includes household equipment, appliances and other personal artifacts, is duty free if moved to Iceland for migration purposes and certain conditions are fulfilled.

The concept “home inventory” is defined in the second chapter of regulation no. 630/2008 on various customs privileges. The general conditions for the immigrant to fulfill, in order to receive customs privileges, are also found in the same regulation.

Those who migrate to the country after living abroad, and have a vehicle with them registered there, can get a permit for temporary exemption from paying import charges. Generally, a driving permit for one month is granted.