September 19, 2015


Get the Icelandic Experts on your side

There comes that time in life when professional help is needed. The Icelandic Experts have handles many mandates. International cases can be much more difficult that national cases. Our wide network of professionals know no limits.

Legal Issues

If you have been accused of something or you need to get legal help, the Icelandic Experts are at your side. Our initial meeting will determine the next steps. If a Legal Mind is needed we will look out for the right one. Legal issues can be very different and Icelandic lawyers specialize in certain fields.


Since the crisis in 2008 we have assists several companies to get back on track. If you are facing a difficult case and do not know where to start, that’s where we come in. Our international knowledge (especially between Iceland and Switzerland) has been appreciated many times.

Looking for Import, Export help?


The Icelandic Experts have assisted dozen’s of individuals to move to Iceland or get work while staying for a few weeks / months. We recommend all individuals that are thinking on moving to Iceland to seek professional help like we offer. Most of our customers decided not to use professional help and started to move to Iceland with certain ideas that did not work out. Getting it done right the first place is easier but if you are facing issues that need professional attention the Icelandic Experts are on your side.