September 11, 2014

Travel Consulting

Gullfoss, Geysir and nice weather, right? 

… unfortunately not every holiday trip is successful. How to make sure your dream holiday stays that way. What to do, when something goes wrong?

We cherish your «most beautiful time of the year» ans assist that it does not turn  into a nightmare. Welcome to the Xperts of Iceland.


It is very important to contact us immediately. In most cases we are able to assist you to get the vacation back on track. Waiting can cause a stressful vacation and solving problems afterwards can cost both time and money.

How does it work

If you get into trouble during the trip please contact us immediately. With the assistance of the Xperts you will find an immediate solution how to continue. “Better save then sorry”.

We love assisting:

  • Tour Packages (Pauschalreisen)
  • Group Packages
  • Indiviual Packages especially
    • Accommodation cases
    • Car Rental cases
    • Transportation (airplane, bus, etc.) cases
    • Tours / Trips
  • Language issues